Peter's Pleasant Places

Window Washing, House Washing, Water Blasting and more all from locals in the Hamilton area

Our Services

Our Hamilton-based team provides you with a range of great quality services at a reasonable price. Peter's Pleasant Places is a Hamilton window cleaning and house washing company that provides a number of home improvement services such as tree works and rotary hoeing. We are a local business, with a proven track record of providing outstanding quality work to residential properties across North Waikato.

Add Value To Your Property

Increase the value of your property by giving it a deep clean getting rid of hard to remove dirt from the exteriors, or getting rid of overgrown trees and bushes on your section. Our house washing team in Hamilton and our tree services will help you get that gleam you need.

Be Proud Of Your Place

Whether it's tree works, house washing, or rotary hoeing, our Hamilton based team can help you give a new look to your residential or commercial build. Live in a place that you are proud of and are happy every time you arrive. 

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in leaving the customer happy. We have a 100% satisfaction rate and our passion is seeing our customers smile at the end of our job.

Sparkling results at a price everyone can afford

We are a team of local Hamilton based professionals. We have extensive experience in Hamilton window cleaning, house washing and water blasting of the entire property. We are proud
to be a Waikato business and family owned and operated. Rated best value for money.

We make your place somewhere to be proud of, working within Hamilton and the nearby Waikato area. Our team pride themselves on great customer service and will talk you through everything before we start. If you are looking to give your place that make over it deserves then contact us today.

Contact me for a sparkling home!

Peter's Pleasant Places is a Hamilton window cleaning, house washing and water blasting company that has a reputation for providing quality workmanship and maintenance to all your Pleasant Places. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality work. A member of our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your repairs and maintenance are in line with your budget. Call us now!

Phone: 027 596 6047


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Pricing & Services

Window cleaning


3 bedroom, single storey house

Water blasting


50 square metres - paths, patios etc
$1.00 per square metre above 50 square metres

House washing


3 bedroom, single storey house

Tree trimming, chipping, mulching and rotary hoeing

$50.00 per hour or part there of

Plus travelling at $0.75 per km.